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Two Poems
The first a favourite poem from recent times, and needs no explanation.

The second, my favourite poem from my youth, is  based on a  real life incident. One day in the 1970's, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that a  woman in a stairwell in a Sydney building, taking her groceries home, had been assaulted and stabbed numerous times. (From memory it was about 28 times.) She was very fortunate to survive. She told police afterwards that the crazed attacker kept asking her the strangest question throughout the attack. He repeatedly asked her if she had ever been stabbed before. This extraordinarily horrifying incident  lead to the writing of this sanity deprived poem. If you are wondering where the compassion for the victim is, so am I.

Reflections on Sonnet 18

When he was comparing with summers days
He was thinking of you.

How clever his pen and poets wit;
His pictures painted with rhyme and metre
That speak of summers lease too short
As I, in winters sight suffer trimmed seasons;
Yet read in he temperate and lovely words;
Fair to fair sometimes added
That live still as he wished -
Its lifes breath renewed in thy eyes,
And mine with judgement see
The poets excuse
Alive in thee.

Carving Chicken (The Stabbing of Dr Please-No)

(establish rhythm)
I am I am, I said I said
Please-No; Doctor; I

Please-No; Doctor; MD; MaD
Food-mad; food-food; mad-mad

(develope rhythm)
I am the one, I said I said
I am I am said I
Please-No; Doctor; I
Please-No; Doctor; me you see
Please-No Doctor MD MaD
Md Mad Doctor I;
Md Mad Food Mad Dad
Food-Food Mad-Mad
Bananas me
It is me you see you see
Me is I; MD!

He did it; He did it
The prosecutor sed
The jury sed; "He did it!" too
The Judge he sed
Oh please hold your hed
'tis not proved he sed

Though he looks like he did
And he could and he would and he might

(with glee)
I've got you I've got you
The warden sed
We'll get you a med he sed
And put you to bed
And get the med to look in your hed
He sed he sed did he

(aside, plaintive)
But he put me in a cell
And he made my life hell
Yes he did, yes he did, yes he did!

My life is hell
I sed I sed
'tis truly hell you see.
So he cut out lunch and breakfast brunch
And sed so there take that ha ha

(with emphasis)
Have you I sed
Ever been stabbed before?
As I carved and hacked and chopped.
Oh no she sed
I never never
Stabbed, have been, before.
Not me she sed
No-no she sed
Not me not me not I

(slower, break rhythm)
You no Please-No she sed she sed.
Yes I Please-Yes sed I...
Then she went and spoiled it all by picking her nose.


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