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Linking related and exciting websites to bring people together and shine a little light into interesting corners of the web. Many of these sites link back here to make life a little easier, but just in case, please bookmark this site now to ensure finding me again.
The website for my self portrait, and entry to the Archibald Prize.
The website for my portrait of Leo Sayer. It contains additional material that enhances the understanding of the painting and the process of painting it. It was my entry to the 2006 Archibald Prize.

How To Make Artist's Paints
Methods, background, history, and materials for making oil paints, acrylics, alkyds, watercolors, gouache, pastels, encaustic, and fresco. It is one of my great loves the technology of paint and the wonderful understanding that Renaissance artst's had of their paint because they made their own. I first published a small booklet on artist's pigments in 1989, so this is the latest in a long line of writing about this fascinating subject.

Official Site For The Archibald Prize Challenge
News and views on my legal challenge to last years Archibald Prize

Nativity in Cathedral Square, Sydney
A spectacular Nativity crib on the forecourt of St Mary's Cathedral with artwork by Tony Johansen.

East Sydney Academy of Art Noticeboard and Guide to Classes.
News and links to individual classes for this unique art school based on the studio of Leonardo da Vinci.

Real Refuses Official Site
In its 9th year, this is the artist organised democratic alternative to the Archibald Prize.

Hens Night Ideas
A new web site for Sydney Hens Nights. It is not only lots of fun, it is a pleasure to present such a popular alternative to the traditional hens night.

Sydney Hens Nights - The Website
Book here for the fun alternative for the traditional hens nights - a real beginners art class in a real art school, and yes, the subject is the male nude.

Sydney Hens Nights - The Blog
Yes even the hens get their own blog. All the latest on recent hens party's, with photos of the happy brides and all the fun.

Art Glossary and Dictionary
The Glossary and Dictionary of artists materials and techniques was written by Tony Johansen for this important Web site. Everything you wanted to know about paints and pigments and how to apply them.

This is what Paula does when she is not in the studio. I made the web site. Artists are reputed to need a therapist nearby.
Site of Sydney's long standing 'people's gallery' for the best in new art and theater.

Sketch Club and Life Drawing Classes
Learn to draw the nude figure with Tony Johansen, or simply come to sketch club to draw in the beautiful East Sydney Academy of Art.

Creative Painting Classes With Tony Johansen
Wednesday day-times is creative composition painting day. A popular class that sometimes has a waiting list to get in, so book your place now.

The Art Of Desiree Prinsloo
Web site for this wonderful Sydney artist with a beautiful and pure vision. The site includes a biography of Desiree Prinsloo, portraits, landscapes and abstract paintings, a sketchbook section, photos from exhibitions and lots more.

Landscape Class in Sydney on Saturdays.
Like the Impressionists this group paints and draws in the beautiful surrounds of the Inner City. Subjects include Sydney Harbour, the Botanic Gardens and historic Darlinghurst.

Crypts and Cats
A blog of interesting places in easy walking distance of Kings Cross. Most of them have been subjects for the landscape class from time to time.

Story's of Bernie's Bourbon
This is the famous bar, a favourite painting subject of in years past.

Photograhs of Kings Cross life in Black and white
The colourful world of bohemian Kings Cross as seen through the lens of Tony Johansen.

The Passionate Librarian
A local artist who is also a librarian finds hidden treasures hidden away in the back rooms of her library.

Kings Cross Blogs
This is like a magazine of Kings Cross web pages all linked together showing life in the cosmopolitan heart of Sydney.

The Joke's On Us
Humour and jokes, sometimes adult in nature, always good for a laugh.

Australian Art and Artists - Dropbears Links
Artists - art schools - arts councils - auction houses - contemporary spaces - commercial galleries - museums - organisations - publications - regional galleries

Art Industri
The world of art at your fingertips, including artist portfolios, ecards, resources, kids stuff, reference guides, free email, magazine and web design.
Find artists, galleries and art resources at
More arts links...

Art Education Resources
A free website to aid Art Students, An art dictionary to understand art terms, art career guide for help finding a creative path, art movement essays too. All written for students studying art in Australia.

Australian Art Magazine
A review of the leading Australian art magazines and art society publications, subscribe online easily to each one.

Art Forum Australia
A first online forum just for Australian Artists and all those interested in Australian Art events and latest issues. Meet other artists, art students, art collectors… share and inspire Australian Art.

Australian Art Search Engine
Australia’s largest art search engine & internet directory, listing everything to do with, Fine Art, Entertainment Arts & Craft. Founded in Australia and part of an International network in 5 countries.

Art Glass
Murano Glass and Art Glass retail web site selling Venetian Glass Sculptures, Plates, Fused Glass, Murano Chandeliers, Venetian Lighting, Murano Glass Lighting, Objects, Murano Gifts and Decorative Accessories...


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