Kings Cross

Select Competitions
Win some, lose some. A selection of enjoyable results from recent times.

  • Wynne Prize (selected)
  • John Olsen Scholarship (won)
  • Camden Art Prize (highly commended)
  • Drummoyne Art Prize (highly commended)
  • P&O Prize for Marine Painting (won)
  • Real Refusés Peoples Choice (won)
  • Images of the Cross (won twice)
  • Images of the Cross (highly commended)
  • South Sydney Art Prize (won)
  • South Sydney Art Prize Peoples Choice (won)

Select Exhibitions
Both group and solo exhibitions in addition to competitions.

  • Holdsworth Gallery
  • Coach House Gallery
  • Merchants House
  • Cell Block Theatre
  • TAP Gallery
  • Millenium Hotel Gallery
  • Downing Center
  • East Sydney Academy of Art

Select Collections
Public and corporate collections only.

  • Sydney City Council
  • Cairns City Council
  • Mulgrave Shire Council
  • Herberton Shire Council
  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority
  • Nutec Inc
  • P&O
  • Julian Ashton Art School


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