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Please fill in the contact form below with full details of your requirements, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am pleased to consider requests for large public sculptures paintings and murals, and for landscapes, figure studies and compositions from life, and portraits in various media and sizes for corporate and private collections. Portraits require life sittings. I enjoy making 'variations' of existing work.

I do not accept all commissions, and each request will be considered on its merits. Please be advised that I rarely accept portraits painted from 'sent in' photographs.

Many people ask for copies of work that is already sold. In some cases the work is produced in limited editions and either there are more copies available, or if the edition is sold out there will be no more made under any circumstances.

Sometimes I produce to order a variation of an existing work. In those cases the work will vary with size and perhaps medium. For example I am sometimes asked to make a watercolour version of a large painting. In each case the variation has differences with the original, and sometimes incorporates improvements as appropriate.

For large commissions and public works I work with the traditional artists formula of one third of the purchase price as a deposit, one third at half completion and one third upon completion of the work. Small commissions are paid by negotiation, but may involve prepayment for the work.

There may be charges negotiated for lengthy or time consuming proposals or making marquettes/preparatory studies.

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Bernie Houghton commissioned for Fitzroy Gardens in Kings Cross Sydney

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