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Painting by Tony Johansen

Gallery 1>>The Bourbon >>

Gallery 2>>Landscapes and Nudities >>

Gallery 3>>Portraits>>

East Sydney Academy of Art

Bohemian Life at East Sydney Academy of Art.
Studio Life Photo Album

Gallery 4>>Classes and a Birthday>>

Gallery 5
>>Parties and Work>>

Watercolour nudes and portraits.

Gallery 6 >>All Clothes to No Clothes>>

Drawings by Tony Johansen.

Gallery 7>>Theme is: "From Behind">>

Sculpture by Australian sculptor Tony Johansen.

Gallery 8>>Mythology in Life>>

Gallery 9>>Life in Mythology>>

East Sydney Academy of Art
Teaching Photo Album

Gallery 10>>Sharing the Passion>>

Australian Digital Art.

Gallery 11>>Electronic Artistry>>

Australian Photography

Gallery 12>>Extraordinary Inspiration>>

Gallery 13>>Extraordinary Moments>>

Gallery 14>>Extraordinary Places>>>


Australian artwork by Tony Johansen

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