Gallery 7: Drawings by Tony Johansen
The theme on this page is 'from behind'. The media here range from traditional chalks, pen and wash to pencil and watercolour.



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(h)26cm x (w)28cm 
Chalk can have a very fleshy quality. This drawing was from a 5 minute pose. Often I like to make a drawing from memory of a short pose. It cuts down on the distracting nonessentials that way. Charles Billich likes this drawing. Appreciation like that is my greatest reward.

At Ashton's
(h)16cm x (w)22cm 
Pen and ink wash, simple and direct. I like that.

Reliance Nude
(h)20cm x (w)26cm 
Watercolor. Quick poses often give the best results. These poses were short and fun done onboard an old wooden Ferry on Sydney Harbor. The boat was called the Reliance and it was an art cruise, hence the nude model in the main cabin.

Bones of the Human Back
(h)41cm x (w)32cm
Pencil. Learning to understand the workings beneath the skin is worthwhile just for the sake of knowledge. That it is doubly useful when drawing is an added bonus. This anatomy drawing is from a few years ago.

(h)9cm x (w)14cm 
Pencil. This was done at 'Bill and Tony's' in Stanley Street. This fellow was holding court, dispensing advice at the drop of a birth time. I'm not keen on astrology, but he made a fabulous subject.

Sunday Night
(h)9cm x (w)14cm
Pencil and watercolour wash. Done while very 'merry' beside the piano. The music was great and I get a buzz from working from life like this. I put my wine and watercolor kit and pencils on the grand piano and get to work. The musicians love seeing an artist capturing their rhythmic form of artwork.