Gallery 6: Watercolors
I love the simplicity and immediacy of watercolor. Some people seem to like doing very washed out watercolors, but I like colour above all else and don't have a terribly conventional technique. The result is purity of rich sensual colour. I like it like that.



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Black Hat
(h)54cm x (w)39cm 
Started in the studio, I finished this one in a local bar late at night. I enjoy working in public places like that. Art for me should always be a real part of real life. Water color suits the 'take it with me' style of working.

(h)26cm x (w)36cm 
Although I didn't realise it while doing this small picture, the connection with Gauguins great work is obvious in hind sight. It was done in an old fashioned hotel at Mossvale. It is a place of great poetry already, just waiting for an artist and his watercolors to find the special moments.

(h)9cm x (w)14cm 
I was in the Piccolo when he appeared from nowhere. He said "My name is Malcolm, and I'm a grazier from Nanango, and I've been drunk since the 16th of January." It was the 11th of June. He then proceeded to play Louis Armstrong on the Jukebox and would every so often interupt his life story to say "What the **** are you doing?" and "Don't draw me." I couldn't help myself.

Jackie O at the Bourbon
(h)18cm x (w)25cm  Private Collection, Melbourne, Australia
Jackie Orszaczky played sometimes on a Sunday evening in the Bourbon. The superb qualities of his music can be heard on his CD: 'Deserted Downtown' with Tibor Tatrai and contributions from Tina Harrod. I can recommend it. I can also reccommend Jackie with watercolor.

(h)26cm x (w)36cm 
She was beguiling with her honesty and easy smiles, one of lifes special people.

Russian Dancer
(h)41cm x (w)29cm 
No she wasn't Russian, and she wasn't a dancer. Who can figure an artist's titles sometimes. Often they are simply more poetry. Only the watercolor itself can be counted on to be real.