Gallery 5: Studio Life, Party's and Tony Johansen Painting From Life
I was made for the life of an artist. I love nothing more than making pictures and artistic discussion with passionate people. Best of all, are the Bohemian party's in the studio.



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Party Time
Boy, do we have Good Parties
It seems that party's are a good time to bring out the camera judging by the number of photographs I have of party's. My drink recommendation for artist's party's: Absinth with fresh lime juice. It is devine.

A Quiet Corner
Working on a Small Watercolour
The studio was moved temporarily down the street when developers next door made a mistake, and damaged our building. It just made an excuse to do a watercolour of the view out the new window while they repaired the studio walls.

Mexican Colours
Excuse Me, Your Hat has grown Eyes!
The Mexican hat dance was almost overwhelmed by this giangantic sombrero.

Painting From Life by Ros Sharp
Blame it on the Absinth
Ros took wonderful photographs of our opening night. This one appeared in the Wentworth Courier.

Louisa Extrordinaire
Belly Dancing in the Studio
Until she moved to the South Coast Louisa taught Belly Dancing at the studio on Monday afternoons. This was at one of our party's, she is a wonderful dancer.

Bohemian Dinners
Wine, debate, and good company
When the sun goes down on party night, the big table gets set up in the middle of the studio. Its big enough to seat 18 and with that many colourful personalities the discussion turns to the issues of the day, and, by the way, pass the wine please...