Gallery 14: Photographs, Extraordinary Places
It is an amazing world and I am continuously fascinated by every waking second. To be able to photograph special corners of my world and share them with you is a privilege. I hope you enjoy. Some of the most extraordinary places I have ever been are on this page.

Most photographs are available for sale in small, medium and large versions in high resolution and signed and authenticated by me as being by my hand. Please enquire via the Contact page if your favourite image is available in the size you prefer.



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Elliot Heads, Queensland
Looking across the inlet
Extraordinary colour is a result of the pure white sandy bottom and clear tropical waters that are made for an artists escape. One of the most extraordinary places on Earth.

St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney
The facade with sculpture of Cardinal Moran
In Europe Cathedrals were built over centuries, a long time ago. Sydney's St Mary's was started in the 19th century and received its steeples during the last decade, so is still an on going work. The front has 2 magnificent sculptures from 1930 by Sir Bertram MacKennel, which it was my honour to help restore to their original glory.

Rainbow Beach, Queensland
Looking south
Seemingly endless beaches with giant sand dunes of yellow, white, brown, and blue sands, with just seagulls for company. A couple of hours walk over that headland is the wreck of the Cherry Venture, stranded on the sand by a hurricane in the 1970's. That it is possible to digitally record such a place in itself is extraordinary, to share it this way, a pleasure.

The House Where Mary Poppins was Born
Allora, Queensland
Pamela Travers' father was manager of this bank and residence in Allora at the turn of the twentieth century. He is buried in the local cemetery, but his daughter travelled to the other side of the world and went on to become one of Britains most successful authors of her time, best known for the classic Mary Poppins. Fortunately, while the rest of the world has changed, Allora is still very much like it was when Mary Poppins lived here.

The Concierge at Annie's
A timeless place
130 years ago Annie came from a poor village in Ireland to establish a real Irish inn in Brisbane. Back in Ireland the most famous Hotel was called The Shandon, so she figured that if any Irish travellors heard that name they would visit and want to stay. She called her inn 'Annies Shandon' and it is still run by the same family, still with the same old time ways. A quiet treasure in the center of Brisbane.

Near Fraser Island
Miles of empty sand
If there is such a thing as magic, this is it. Even the light has an other world quality. Beauty becomes an understatement.