Gallery 13: Photographs, Extraordinary Moments
Many people think that photography is easier than drawing. They've got to be kidding. Once you have the skills, drawing is far easier to get the results you want. However where the camera shines is in its ability to capture moments and preserve the immediacy of that instant. The digital camera and the resultant digital image is the pinnacle that ability.

Most photographs are available for sale in small, medium and large versions in high resolution and signed and authenticated by me as being by my hand. Please enquire via the Contact page if your favourite image is available in the size you prefer.



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In the summer time
Sometimes a place is limited by the definition of place. It is enough to feel the heat and space all around. It could be Queensland, but equally, it could be almost anywhere.

The Girl in Pink
George Street, Sydney
Photographing strangers in the streets of Sydney, especially when just holding a digital camera at chest height and (without aiming) clicking indiscriminately, produces piles of bad photographs, but amongst the cut off heads and out of focus bodies come treasures like this where the accidental capturing of an unposable instant is worth the trouble.

Always special to me
Pablo feels things deeply. This is both his blessing and his bane. I love him dearly.

On the Beach
Somewhere in Queensland
I like the timelessness of this image.

At my studio
Lesley is a remarkable woman who runs a non-profit open Gallery near Kings Cross that over the years has given thousands of young artists their first opportunity to affordably mount an exhibition. She is a true hero in the battle for artistic recognition.

Moore Park
Near Bundaberg, in Queensland
The beautiful reflections are the result of water which seeps from the sand all along this pink sand beach. Nearby is a rookery, one of the few places in the world where giant turtles come ashore to lay eggs. An extraordinary photograph of a very extraordinary place.