Gallery 12: Photographs, Extraordinary Inspirations
I have finally found the perfect camera for me. It is a Ricoh Caplio GX, an extraordinary camera for its small size that perfectly meets my needs for available light photography in small spaces. It is versatile and both simple enough and sophisticated enough to be the perfect imaging tool most of the time. It is with me constantly, in the same bag with my sketching gear. One time I thought it had been stolen, I was devastated.

Most photographs are available for sale in small, medium and large versions in high resolution and signed and authenticated by me as being by my hand. Please enquire via the Contact page if your favourite image is available in the size you prefer.



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Sydney in November
Right in front of him is one of the many exhibits from the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition held annually at a Sydney beach, but he had eyes only for the natural artistry beyond.

In my studio....

Blue Wader
It was so hot....and the extraordinary blue was so cool.

Centerpoint Tower, Sydney
Some people only see ugliness in the city. Obviously they are not looking in the same places I am looking. I find the city a continuous delight of beauty's and fascination's. Inner city Sydney is my home because I love it.

Paula in Green
Classical beauty
I love the ringlets, and beautiful moments.

The King of the Streets
Kings Cross, Sydney
A true aristocrat in bearing and manner, always gentle, always polite, always with a smile to defeat adversity.