Gallery 11: Digitalia

I think the most interesting aspect of the computer as an artist's tool is the ability to rapidly experiment on the one hand, and communicate the results world wide at the touch of a button.

For me, who has a large dollop of the classical artist inside my psyche it was a matter of how it could be applied to realistic life drawing. I think drawing by eye and hand the human figure lies at the heart of all significant artistry.

I subscribe to the theory that to get the most out of technology, you need the classical skills first. I think it is no different with the computer. It soon became apparent that the computer is technologically unique however, in that it offers the ability to support classical drawing as an active part of using the machine. I was hooked.

The computer, like the invention of photography 150 years ago, is on the brink of revolutionising fine art in unforseeable ways. The meaning of contemporary art changes with the ability to create in new ways. Tony Johansen is unique in that he carries the hundreds of years old classical drawing skills forward into this contemporary frontier of computer art..

Digital images may be purchased as high resolution prints in small, medium, and large versions, signed and authenticated by me as by my hand. Please make enquiry via the Contact page to find out if your prefered image is available.



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Red Tony
GoFigure variation
One of the many digital experiments made while developing This contemporary fine art portrait has become a popular digital image and a fine example of computer art.

Line Drawing
With mouse
An early experiment. I enjoy the possibilities inherent in artwork that is instantly transferable around the planet and infinitely more sharable than traditional media. I think Leonardo da Vinci would have embraced this technology for classical drawing in a flash.

Living Artwork 3
GoFigure variation
I am fascinated by the interaction between hand made artwork, digital manipulation and photography. Long live the digital art revolution!

Living Artwork 4
GoFigure variation
Colour reveals form, but when the colour loses ordinary frames of reference, form becomes more difficult to see, the body becomes pattern, disolving into a Sabatier effect solarized contemporary image.

red and Green Tony
GoFigure variation
Made with a digital variation of the Sabatier effect. This computer art, digitized solarization is as striking as it is of the moment.

Her cello has a name too, but I have forgotten it
A wonderful musician is always a delight to draw, Heather was no exception. Created digitally this drawing has no paper equivelent beyond print outs. In the new contemporary art world, tradition ideas of physical existance no longer apply, even to a drawing that looks like it came from the hand of an old master.