Gallery 10: Teaching Photo Album
I am very aware of being in a continuum of artists from the past future and present. I have learned my skills from the hard work of many other artists and I feel the resposibility to continue that process by passing the benefits of accumulated experience and share my passion for art with others as a teacher. It gives me great pleasure to see the joy of new discovery awakening in others. It is particularly satisfying when a past student of mine wins an award or goes on to exhibitions in the great cities of the world. I wish every one of them all the best and am amazed by how many who keep in contact. It is my big extended family and I love every one of them.



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Outdoor life drawing
A class in Fitzroy Gardens
In conjunction with Sydney council and TAP Gallery we set up 2 nude models and 2 dozen easels in the street one afternoon for an open air celebration of the Kings Cross bohemian spirit. The class was open to any passers-by with a donation to the Wayside Chapels homeless program.The classes were open to all with Tony Johansen the teacher.

Walking Art Tour
Elizabeth Bay House
The long history of artists associated with this historic building in a special event for the Historic Houses Trust. Teaching Life drawing in these historic walls was a great honour.

Life Drawing at Elizabeth Bay House
A living part of the Bohemians Exhibition
It was an honour to participate in this recognition by curator Scott Carlin of the many significant artists who lived and painted in the historic building over the years.

Inspiration from the Vast World of Art
Cultural explorations
Art without context withers in isolation, besides, there is just so much incredible story in the history of art it is exciting to go exploring. I learn just as much in preparing for these classes as the students do. I would regard teaching as the cutting edge of self improvement for the artist.

Fun with Irena
Art shouldn't be too serious
I love this photograph. Paula was in a playful mood and had us doing silly things for the amusement of her lens. A memorable moment.

Drawing Lessons for Hens
Special events for special occaissions
One day someone asked if they could have a real drawing lesson for a hens night. It was a huge success and word of mouth has lead to many more.